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Ivanete Durso Rocha

She was born in Brasil, on January
2, 1960 at to the State of Minas Gerais, and she lives currently on the State of Florida on U. S. A .

She was Award on 1998 by the Brazilian Consulate Embassy of Brasil at Miami, an Award for server the Brazilian community at Broward county at to the State of Florida, with her makes for all dedications.

The Philanthropic events she was participated:

The Author starts in Arts at 13 years old with the Certification No 333,she was from the first to the seven fair arts and Science from the year .1973 at 1979 Award with Achievements in Poetry's, with the poem " Minha Alma Meu Cajado" "Alma Branca" "Coração Sujo' "Paixões de un Pobre" She was participated with various Arts from 1977 at 1980 Like Fecivals and Cultural Afro Brazilian she was dedicates wit her heart Include her Title is Loxum yah is a higher title as a leader having chosen as a person Full of the Spirit and Wisdom and capable of serving well as Beyond to be a Genuine with her enjoying all Honors and privileges set for and explore the Art Cultural Afro Brazilian - Brasil.

The Author is a same finalist by International Library of, with the Poem Beautiful an Award for Outstanding and Achievements the year 2003.
Poetry .com Award another Poem My Quotes, with original creativity on exceptional Poetry and a Wonderfully Expressive. Award August 2004.

She is Award on Famous Poets Society , with the Poem " My Sweetie Love" with the great Poem of the western world, February 2004.
The Author Henceforth worthy of Receiving and enjoying all Honors and Privileges set forth for all Certificates of Recognition's.

The Author
Ivanete Durso Rocha



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