The Pot Of Wisdom


Angels of Wisdom...


Angels are the guides of spiritual wisdom
inside the holistic living for only you to apply celestial pure energy
to your life where you find happiness

Angels are one of the spiritual tools for all believers alive
The faith, the peace, the Love, is the power to put a smile on our faces everyday

Let God be your guide to allow the Angels to guide every life.
Get inspired when you pray
Prayers release pain in every soul, exploring your faith,
finding the meaning of your life here on this planet.

Feel the Angels above near your spirit
Let your mission bring comfort, hope, clarity
The angels are here inside your spiritual path
they will bring peace and happiness
it's all about believing

I will praise the Lord above for Angels illuminating all humanity
on this beautiful planet we call earth
May God and the Angels be with you.



Ivanete Durso Rocha



Copyright@2005Ivanete Durso Rocha