The Pot Of Wisdom






Believe me...

All of my life like a magnetic force
I've been looking for you
Just wishing I find someone like you

Believe me!!!

Now you're here with me
You're the one make me feel complete
I knew that you're the one I having on my

Believe me!!!

I found love in you as a fire
Love arouses between me and you
all desires come true as a fountain
I knew someday I will be happy
With you, and millions of your kisses

Believe me!!!

I feeling you as up on the hills
You're are the one I will deal
Now i will listen to my heart
life just begun again all is love
between me and you

Believe me!!!

Is pure love between me and you
no sadness or any madness
Now I've been found you and now
you're here with me
Happiness is in my heart all is love
and you complete me

Believe  me!!!
Believe  me!!!
Believe me!!!


Ivanete Durso Rocha




Copyright@2005Ivanete Durso Rocha