The Pot Of Wisdom





Grace and Beauty...

The sunset baths the mountains
I feel the radiance into your eyes
You are the grace and the beauty as you are
Adorning my natural life
As your soul asking for my soul

To we be the soul of soul just one spirit
To entrust into our love love is the powerful
force to enhance our lives

Our love is the purity beauty
Now I want the moon light touched
the river and bring your artistic
expression of your face to see your eyes

As I see the light of the moon
dances into the rivers as I see you
walking into the waters and gave
your love at to the soul feeling beauty.

We will dance into the ring of this fire together
To place a faith in tomorrow's life

I will dance and love you to restore
your soul as I know and I will kiss
your darkness blind eyes to make
you fell all my love for you
like the magic fantasy.
I love you forever.!!!

Ivanete Durso Rocha




Copyright@2005Ivanete Durso Rocha