The Pot Of Wisdom



"Even the most boring essay or paper can turn into Poetry at the hands of a poet".

"Dignity and Diplomacy and Politeness are the vellum to show the exceptional qualities of one human".

"All Should be forgiven when we're honest, judged to be in quality and be distinctive as Award Exceptional".

"The unique human perspective is to be original and highly on wisdom, To achievement for outstanding and knowledge".

"Time is the truth record for all into life, To control the all Universe to the begin to the end into the circle call time".

"The happy surprise is when we see the Eyes of the Love one".

"The inspiration makes the invisible to a visible, into the power of the minds".

"The elements it's to useful power into human being with a unique qualities of energy into the universe".

"The freedom is to make choices, Is to be in alliance with life in respect all".

"The cosmic is around in the aura of the universe into there live so many spirits of light".

"Into every human it's one voice at to the Inner recalls us from all, To the knowledge at to the Wisdom and wise at to the great power".

"The love it's the influence visible from those had a wisdom, Love is the sanctuary of all heart's".

"We are never alone, Because the Universe stands above as always into the earth".

"Love it's to open the heart for the truth with all emotions and desires to be able to make happiness into all dimensions".

"Life is to love and let the another been a human being and love each other more each day".

Ivanete Durso Rocha



Copyright@2005Ivanete Durso Rocha