The Pot Of Wisdom




The love you bring into your
hands for me raised into so
many blessings

With so many inspiration to warm
my heart with the respect and
qualities as your unique heart had

The key of my soul it's into your hands
to be able to love you every day
All the energy it's in here with you
The feeling to be love by you makes me
feel the most wonderful human being

You are so vital so in power
May I love you with the same power
into my inner you live forever

I love you!!!

We are the lovers at to this universe
into the nights with so many lights
We are the link into the contemplation
of life

We been fulfill with so much happiness
The unification of unbroken souls
Into my heart forever live you
The good true love.


Ivanete Durso Rocha



Copyright@2005Ivanete Durso Rocha