The Pot Of Wisdom



The Great Lost...

Tonight is the last time
we see each other
No powers to embrace
No caress to do any more
Now will come hard days
no way to gave myself to you
any more
All dreams is die on the roads of our lives
My body it's not the temple of our
love any more
In early days you will forget my words
The words I create for you with so
much in love
You and the world dragging my love
Now I am on the last days of my life
I am so alone and nobody include you
I fell the way sad is I fell the way
human is. Why this happen
I am just young person love someone
Why I allow a power to someone hurt me
I am going from this world may I never get 
May Got all the information's but one thing
I Know
The pain into my heart no one will take
and again and again I lost all because
I lost the love as I lost myself into myself.

 Ivanete Durso Rocha



Copyright@2005Ivanete Durso Rocha