The Pot Of Wisdom






The Men of the Street...

The stranger Drive on my side on the street
When he look on my eyes is flashing like cross
star sparkling like a light

We met and is so magic on the night we
like a party and we celebrate later on with
passion and he kisses me embrace me as
we love each other from that night

Happy is the night the angel's bring you to me

We celebrate with a thousand kisses and from
now on you are inside of me ,your lips is into my lips
is your soul are into my soul now we are just one soul

You given me thousands kisses, He is the stranger men the
one stop me on the street, he is loving men with beautiful
skin and wonderful fulfillment when I look into your
blue eyes

Happy is the night the angel's bring you to me

When your hands touched me is fulfill my soul
my hands tremble my heart beats kind of amazing magic
when i feeling you body caress my body my darling you
embrace so cozy

I wish i will be every night close to your soul I find you are
so sweet ,I give you my heart to you hold into your hands
I saw love into your beauty blue sparkling eyes and
today your eyes belong to me my beauty and I find you
Love my eyes and my soul

Happy is the night the angel's bring you to me

Magic Love beat our hearts that beautiful happy night brings
you to me I have great inside of me
Beautiful is your heart the one you give to me
I dance like star into the universe , I praying time to time to
you come thru me as I ask my god you are the angel of love

The men of the street he is my lover ,I waiting for nights and nights
now you belong to me. Love you the one will be the love of all my life
Magic is the love is only you and me

Happy is night the angel's bring you to me

Ivanete Durso Rocha



Copyright@2005Ivanete Durso Rocha