The Pot Of Wisdom



The Secret of Divine Wisdom...

It's been a part of creators Plan
is the light and the energy, pure one
That not only we are a creators of
Gods hands

But we are Gods!!!
In a unique way of your own
designation on the face of god
In form of a human being

God is the Power of Healing
Our body’s our Minds and Souls
On the light of divine secret
wisdom you will see
God on totally power

The power with embedded our spirit's
As our souls can go to great places
Trough the light where has no fear no pain

Where love is perfectly understanding by human
Touch by the sense of strong
spirit of real light, fell secure
on the house of the angels a place on
the journey of eternity with all blessings energy

Where the music is made like for special
people as a gift for all life's like a light
of the universe we’re all part of this light
The unique divine light is the 'Life'!!!
Into the arms of God.

Ivanete Durso Rocha




Copyright@2005Ivanete Durso Rocha