The Pot Of Wisdom



The Shaman...

Shaman the Higher Priest
from the ancient
The spirit of blessings
The one come from God's
hands into the absolute truth

The one open doors to healing
many souls and bring light of every
human into earth

The Power on Wisdom of the Secrets
As the spirit of the wind and the warriors
and the knowledge to use all elements

The love to love all nature old medium
The one know whisper and evoke all spirit
As a doctor of souls

Shaman the Great Power into the
eyes of the universe
The energy in life to every life
The singer of the song of the spirits
Into the hearts and the minds
The power of the Strength

The one soothe your spirit always
To fell free in richness in all
knowledge and peace on the light of

Ivanete Durso Rocha




Copyright@2005Ivanete Durso Rocha